Milna – Gea Viva camp

was founded by the association Gea Viva with the goal of creating a space for inspiration, connection and creativity. The camp welcomes visitors, seminars, workshops and events.
Inside the camp you can see the stone circle auditorium that honors the power and intelligence of the heart. The camp also features a 6 m long dragon sculpture, a summer kitchen designed according to the golden ratio, a permaculture garden in a Venus flower shape and many other wonders, each filled with calm and relaxation provided by Mother Nature.

Gea Viva offers:

– in May, June and July you can be part of the suhozid building project. Suhozid is a type of dry wall, made of rocks, built without any use of connective materials. Suhozid is a traditional building technique, typical for this part of the world and in use in Dalmatia for centuries.

– in September you can take part in the Eco-building Week (contact +385 99 749 9711)