Osibova Bay

Osibova bay is located in the southwestern corner of Brač. Its southern exposure guarantees lots of sunshine all year round. Osibova bay boasts beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. This bay should be on your must-see list.

Lučice Bay

This bay is favored by boaters who sail along this side of the island. Lučice consists of five smaller inlets which offer good protection from the winds. This bay is also attractive to divers thanks to a cave on its western shore. Clear water, sandy bottom and dense pine forest make Lučice an ideal spot for swimming. There are many villas and apartments available for rent, as well as several restaurants that offer Dalmatian specialties and fresh seafood.

Maslinova Bay

This bay offers true refreshment during hot summer days. The water is always somewhat cooler in the Maslinova bay, thanks to several underwater springs. Here you will find fish farms and a cave that serves as a boat shelter.

Bobovišća bay

Nested in this bay is the small fishing village of Bobovišća na moru. The Bobovišća bay offers clear, calm waters and a chance to rest your body and spirit.
Once there, take notice of the singing cicadas – the very ones Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor famously about in this very spot. His poem vividly depicts the harmony of nature found here in Bobovišća na moru.
Even though populated, Bobovišća will feel peaceful, as it is not overly crowded and does not have many restaurants or cafes. Nevertheless, you will find everything you might need for a great vacation.

Bijaka beach

The Bijaka beach is located in Milna itself. With its amenities and the sandy sea bottom it is ideally suited for families with children. If you wish to make sure your young ones are entertained, this is the right beach for you. You can also find refreshment at one of several restaurants and cafes at this beach.

Makarac Bay

Makarac is a bay located in the western corner of Milna. You can look for several secluded and quiet beaches there. Those who like to spend an entire vacation in a quiet and peaceful surroundings can find several villas and apartments for rent in the Makarac bay.

Beach Cukarin

Salbunara and Ošišac bays

These are some of the less sheltered bays located at the western tip of Brač.
Next to its clear water here you can also enjoy the view of the Brač canal and the Ražanj lighthouse.
Completely secluded from any settlements, hidden and natural, these bays will give you a true sense of rest and relaxation.

Vičja luka bay

The Vičja luka bay is located next to Bobovišća na moru. The turquoise waters, natural pine shade, peace and quiet have naturally healing effect on anybody. Come and enjoy yourselves!